Diesel generator sets basic operation principle and the junc

The basic operation of the diesel generator sets the principle and diesel generator sets structure analysis, diesel driven generators operate, diesel energy into electricity, and can be divided into different depending on its use, land use diesel generator sets and marine diesel generator sets.

A basic principle of operation:

   Diesel engine-driven generator operation, which is fundamental. Diesel energy into electricity. Diesel engine cylinder, through the clean air after the filtering of the air cleaner with the fuel injector ejecting a high-pressure atomizing diesel sufficiently mixed in the extrusion of the piston upward, the volume is reduced, the temperature increased rapidly to reach the ignition of diesel fuel. Diesel ignited intense burning of the gas mixture, the volume of the rapid expansion of downstream push the piston, known as 'do work'. Each cylinder certain order of work is, the thrust after acting on the piston rod has become the driving force of crankshaft rotation, so as to drive the crankshaft rotation. Brushless synchronous AC generator with diesel engine crankshaft coaxial installation, you can take advantage of the rotation of the diesel engine driven generator rotor, 'electromagnetic induction' principle, the generator will output the induced electromotive force will be able to generate the current through the load circuit closed .


Structural analysis of diesel generator sets:

A common type diesel generator set is mainly composed by three parts of diesel engines, generators and control systems, diesel engines and generators have two connections, one for a flexible connection, that butt coupling of two parts, the second rigid connection generator connecting piece of steel and diesel engine flywheel disk is connected with high strength bolts from diesel generator sets currently on the market use a more rigid connection, install diesel engines and generators connected public bottom shelf, and then coupled with a variety of protective effect sensors, such as temperature sensors, these sensors, visually diesel engine running state to the operator, and with these sensors, you can set an upper limit, when reached or exceeded the limit value when the control system will be pre-alarm, this time if the operator does not have to take measures to control the system will automatically turning off the unit, diesel generator sets in this way is to take from the self-protective effect.

      Sensor to receive a variety of information and feedback from the true indication of these data and the implementation of the protective function of the control system of diesel generator sets, control panel is usually installed in the generator, called the backpack-control screen, some independent a screen placed in the operating room, called split control panel, the control panel through the cables and generators and sensors are connected, respectively, show the electrical parameters and diesel engine operating parameters. The generator sets also chassis, coupling, radiator, fuel tank, and some also equipped with muffler and cover.

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